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The Wyoming Wildlife Federation works to conserve wildlife, habitat and outdoor opportunities.

Who we are:

The Wyoming Wildlife Federation (WWF), founded in 1937, is the oldest and largest sportsmen advocacy and conservation organization in the state.

  • WWF champions species conservation through important collaborations and government relations such as the efforts for the Greater sage-grouse, which saw an important victory in 2015 with the decision not to list the iconic bird on the Endangered Species List.
  • WWF is a highly effective organization and leads efforts for the conservation community to join together to provide constructive comments on resource management plans that impact wildlife.
  • WWF also plays an important role in helping draft recommendations by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department for managing Wyoming’s wildlife resources and engaging WWF members in the process. Just recently, WWF was a leader in crafting definitions for big game migration habitats in Wyoming. Migration routes put deer and elk at the right place for forage at the right time of year; these prime habitats are vital to healthy wildlife populations. Wintering grounds, calving areas, and other defining characteristics of migration habitats will now be universal for land use management decisions and when it comes such as impacts as oil and gas development and other activities.
  • WWF also serves as the voice for sportsmen and women by providing testimony to the Wyoming Legislature. More than 75 years since the organization’s founding, the primary focus of WWF remains: to conserve wildlife, habitat and outdoor opportunities.

 For more information or to view awards, visit us at:
> WWF Website – https://wyomingwildlife.org/
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Wyoming Wildlife Federation

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