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#sciencefriday Browse Production and Range Health

Photo: Colten Wead The Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) not only manages fish and wildlife in cooperation with public and private landowners, it is also involved in habitat improvements and management. It also does a lot of habitat monitoring. Habitat monitoring includes assessing range quality and trend, response to habitat treatments, and production and […]

What’s of note for sportsmen in our legislature?

Down in Cheyenne: Between bugling for elk and long hikes in the high country for mule deer, the staff of Wyoming Wildlife Federation has been hard at work keeping up with our legislatures happenings. As interim committee meetings are happening around the state here are a few things of note for sportsmen and women. JOINT […]

Science Friday – Chronic Wasting Disease – What is it?

It’s a mysterious and mindless killer that isn’t even alive, but it warps the very fabric of the brain. No, it’s not the latest horror movie trailer, it’s a prion. What is a prion? It’s a malformed protein that, when it touches other proteins, causes them to unfold and refold in the same twisted way. […]