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Your donation ensures WWF is at the legislature fighting for healthy wildlife populations, intact habitats, and access for hunters and anglers

Conservation is taking on a tall order during the 2023 EIGHT-week legislative session in Wyoming. Sharing the hunting & angling voice with Wyoming’s elected officials takes time & resources, gas money & hotel rooms.

Please consider making a one-time donation to fight for wildlife and wild places at Wyoming's 2023 Legislative Session.

When you donate to the Wyoming Wildlife Federation, you put hard-earned dollars on the line for better wildlife, hunting, fishing, and wild places in the Cowboy State. You take a stand for science-based wildlife management and advocate for hunters and anglers in Wyoming. This makes you part of the oldest and most effective sporting conservation community in the state.

Please note: This is a one-time donation and is different than purchasing a membership.

2022 By The Numbers

2022 was full of success for the future of Wyoming’s wildlife, wild places, and outdoor opportunities. The Wyoming Wildlife Federation’s youth education programs grew, hundreds of acres of habitat were improved, and money was raised to improve Wyoming’s roadways, create healthier connected landscapes, and more!

New Native Gardens At Schools
Dollars Added to the WWNRT Trust for Habitat Projects
Beaver Dam Analogs Built for Watershed Improvement
Children Attended WWF Summer Camps


The Wyoming Wildlife Federation also has a variety of individual membership options that provide you with great benefits on top of you knowing you’re making an impact for Wyoming’s wildlife and wild places.

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