Children who have positive outdoor experiences are much more likely to become adults who fish, hunt, and care for the natural world. Wyoming Wildlife Federation’s Class Outside program seeks to engage our next generation in learning that is place and experience-based, right here in our backyard.

It can be difficult for Wyoming schools to get materials that are local and relevant to student’s lives. For instance, many students learn about whale migrations but don’t know about Wyoming’s amazing pronghorn and mule deer migrations. When we couple a locally-focused curriculum with outdoor activities, students have the opportunity to grow into caring citizens with a better understanding of the natural world around them.

In the field

WWF partners with organizations like the BLM, Lander Art Center and Popo Agie Anglers to provide opportunities for youth to explore and build skills during summer day camps. Positive experiences outdoors start kids off on a lifetime of recreation and kids who spend time exploring outside see physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Time spent outdoors has been shown to help kids with executive function (making good choices), assessing risk, and regulating emotions. WWF provides safe and enriching experiences for the youth of Fremont county in this way.

For individuals who want to participate as a partner organization or whose kids would like to attend a WWF camp, contact education director Andrea Barbknecht

In the classroom

WWF creates K-12 curricula that engage kids in exploring their Wyoming landscape. From citizen science to understanding migration to learning how to interact with legislators and other decision-makers, WWF works with schools across the state to provide more meaningful education.

For teachers who want to learn more about our curricula or participate in our Class Outside program, contact education director Andrea Barbknecht

How can I support Class Outside?

If you want to support WWF’s education program, you can contribute directly to the organization or purchase something from our Amazon Wish list.