Outdoor opportunities would mean nothing without clean water and intact landscapes. Our vision is a Wyoming with clean water and healthy habitat to help support the wildlife and fish species that depend on them. We work for policy and management initiatives that benefit the species, habitats, and people of Wyoming through protecting the land and water resources that are the foundations to healthy wildlife populations and a strong, sustainable economy.

The Federation has doubled down on landscape connectivity with the addition of Sam Lockwood to the WWF team. The Federation is continuing to grow habitat projects to improve wildlife habitat and landscape connectivity.

2022 Habitat Projects

Bear River Divide Fence Removal – June 2022

Southwest of Kemmerer, the Bear River Divide area is crucial winter range for mule deer and pronghorn, and is the largest private-public land hunter access area in the state. This project will take place in June and involves removing woven fence wire from the landscape. Foot access will be relatively easy. Call ahead for details.

Previous Habitat Projects

Arlington Fence Removal Project – Sept. 11, 2021

Located on the northern end of the Snowy Range, this project included taking down a mile of woven sheep fence with another four strands of barb wire on top of the woven wire, as well as taking out all posts and poles to improve movement for wildlife in the area.

Mesa Shrub Planting – August 28, 2021

On August 28, 15 volunteers planted nearly 2000 shrubs to improve the habitat for wintering mule deer on the Mesa, just south of Pinedale. These shrubs were seedlings of preferred browse species including chokecherry, currant and serviceberry.

This is crucial winter range for the Sublette mule deer herd, so the shrub varieties volunteers will help plan are vital to the survival of these deer through the winter.

Shoshone NF Fence Removal – July 24, 2021

The yearly Shoshone National Forest project is our oldest and is in partnership with the Shoshone National Forest staff, Bowhunters of Wyoming, and the Red Canyon Chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. This year, we removed 3/4 mile of old fences from the landscape on public lands near Dubois to improve ungulate movements across the landscape.

Jonah Field Fence Day – August 6, 2021

The Federation teamed up with the folks from Jonah Energy for a field day on August 6, 2021. This project modified four miles of the non-wildlife friendly fence into a wildlife-friendly fence for migrating pronghorn.
Installing Let Down Fencing

Volunteer installs let-down fencing near Pinedale.

Tosi Creek Fence Removal –  June 12, 2021

Located in the backcountry near Union Pass, this project will take place in June. The focus of the project is removing several miles of old sheep fencing off of Bridger-Teton Forest Service and private lands. WWF will provide water and lunch for all volunteers. If you’ve been looking for a hands-on way to help wildlife in Wyoming, contact field coordinator Auna Kaufmann at akaufmann@wyomingwildlife.org to get details on how to join us.

Farson Wire Improvement | June 20, 2020

30+ Volunteers. 18 Miles Completed.

The Wyoming Wildlife Federation worked together with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s local habitat biologist Dean Clause others to organize the volunteer day near Farson to make passage across Highway 28 a little easier for pronghorn moving through the area. This work is especially important during winter months when they migrate to the winter range south and east of the highway.

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La Barge Let Down Fence | July 2020

18+ Volunteers. 2 Miles Completed.

The Wyoming Wildlife Federation joined with local landowners at the Diamond H, and members of SOS Well Services to install let-down fencing on the La Barge livestock common allotment. The fencing is laid down to improve migration movements for deer and elk.

Wind River Fence Removal | July 2020

30+ Volunteers. 1.75 Miles Completed.

Our longest running annual project, the Wyoming Wildlife Federation, the Shoshone National Forest, and the Red Canyon Chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation host a volunteer fence removal project in the Wind River Mountain Range each year. In 2020, the volunteers removed fence in the Lava Mountain burn from 2016.

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Willow Creek Project | 2020

Contracted Work. 14 Miles Completed.

A pass-through grant from the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust (WWNRT) went straight to contracting 14 miles of fence work in the middle of the crucial Red Desert to Hoback Migration bottleneck. Fence was removed, replaced, or otherwise modified to make it easier for animals, especially mule deer, to travel through the area.

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What We Do To Help

Wyoming Wildlife Federation has a number of specific Programs that address this issue directly. Click on a Program in the list below to explore it in depth.

ProgramsTask Forces
May 4, 2018

Task Forces

Wyoming Wildlife Federation participates in a variety of state-wide task forces.
Greater Little Mountain CoalitionPrograms
May 4, 2018

Greater Little Mountain Coalition

The Greater Little Mountain Coalition supports a mosaic of management prescriptions that entail conservation, preservation, no surface occupancy, and gold book standard responsible energy development.
Grazing AllotmentsPrograms
May 4, 2018

Grazing Allotment Retirement

The co-mingling of Bighorn and Domestic Sheep causes one of the largest threats to our native wildlife species: diseases of domestic animals.
Deer Jumping Fence Red Desert To Hoback Migration Wildlife Migrations NewsWildlife Migrations
May 4, 2018

Migration Work

With increasing pressures on wildlife habitats and specifically the throfares in which animals moves and migrate, come increasing need for programs and initiatives that focus on conserving these vital habitat corridors.
Pickup Overlooking Vast Red Desert Area ProgramsRock Springs Resource Management Plan
May 4, 2018

Rock Springs Resource Management Plan

The BLM Rock Springs Field Office is currently revising its Rock Springs Resource Management Plan, which has implications for wildlife and sportsmen for many years to come.
ProgramsProtecting Wyoming's Greater Sage Grouse
May 4, 2018

Protecting The Greater Sage Grouse

After years of hard work by Wyoming people, who sought to avoid an Endangered Species listing of sage-grouse, the Department of Interior is revisiting state-based plans.
NewsProgramsRecovering America's Wildlife Act
May 4, 2018

Recovering America’s Wildlife Act

The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act will redirect $1.3 billion of existing revenue annually to state-led wildlife conservation efforts, effectively allowing the states to more fully implement their State Wildlife Action Plans.

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