Volunteer For Mule Deer: FInal Grizzly WHMA Volunteer Fence Day

The Grizzly WHMA Volunteer Fence Day, set for June 15, 2024, marks a significant milestone in wildlife conservation efforts within the Baggs Mule Deer Migration Corridor. This event is the culmination of a multi-year project aimed at replacing 17 miles of old and ineffective fencing with wildlife-friendly alternatives. The project's location, deep in Wyoming's vast landscapes, often poses a logistical challenge due to its distance from major towns. It's an initiative that not only seeks to enhance animal safety and mobility but also engages community members directly in conservation efforts.

On the day of the event, volunteers are invited to meet at the Grizzly WHMA headquarters at 8:00 AM. The headquarters are about 40 miles south of Rawlins and 40 miles northeast of Baggs, serving as the central point for the day's activities. Participants who choose to extend their stay for the purpose of the project will be provided with camping facilities, although they are advised to bring their own meals for the duration of their stay, aside from the lunches provided on the workday itself.

The Wyoming Wildlife Federation and our partners at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, emphasize the need for extra hands to ensure the project's success. Basic amenities like porta-potties will be available, and lunches will be provided on the main workday. This initiative has been made possible through the support of Rocky Mountain Power and the Laura Jane Musser Fund, reflecting a collaborative effort to sustain Wyoming’s wildlife habitats.

Anyone interested in participating or seeking further information is encouraged to RSVP below. This project not only serves as an opportunity for direct involvement in habitat improvement but also strengthens community our sporting community through shared efforts in conservation of our favorite big game species.