Sage Grouse Task Force (Western Governors’ Association)

Sage Grouse photo by Mark Gocke This working group, chaired by Governor Matt Mead and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, includes members representing 11 western states; USFWS, BLM, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Forest Service, USGS, Department of Interior, and WWF and other conservation groups. This task force works to identify and implement high priority conservation actions and to integrate ongoing actions necessary to preclude the need for sage grouse to be listed under the ESA.

Fish and Wildlife Resources Task Force

Governor Matt Mead appointed Steve Kilpatrick of WWF to this task force (April 2015). The goal of this task force is to recommend strategies to maximize the benefits of the state’s fish and wildlife resources. Recommendations will include funding, education, vocation and outdoor recreation opportunities, as well as different ways to support the state’s resources. Governor Mead says, this task force will work to “engage everyone who enjoys wildlife, not just hunters and anglers.”

Governor’s Task Force on Forest Health

Governor Matt Mead convened this task force, composed of stakeholders, to develop recommendations on how Wyoming can best improve the health of its forests. The task force was made up of industry, conservation groups, forest users (including WWF), and representatives of federal, state and local government. This group provided a final report fall of 2014 to the governor after holding five public meetings in various locations around Wyoming since 2013.

The Issues Addressed

Each Program that Wyoming Wildlife Federation runs affects a variety of different conservation Issues. Click on an Issue to find out more about it.

IssuesSustainable Wildlife Management
May 4, 2018

Sustainable Wildlife Management

Through our work in policy, advocacy, and public initiatives, we strive for management protocols that are sustainable for the wildlife, ecosystems, and the human economies that they effect.
Migrating Deer Photo by David Frame IssuesMigration Corridors
May 4, 2018

Migration Corridors

Intact and expansive ungulate migrations are unique to Wyoming and the continuation of these animal movements relies on the conservation of key corridors in specific regions of the state.
Habitat and Water ResourcesIssues
May 4, 2018

Habitat & Water Improvements

Our vision is a Wyoming with clean water and healthy habitat to help support the wildlife and fish species that depend on them.
Access and Outdoor OpportunitiesIssues
May 4, 2018

Access & Outdoor Opportunities

Wyoming holds some of the most pristine and intact ecosystems on the planet, with public lands comprising nearly half of the states total area. However, loss of access and increasing demands on our public lands are major threats to the future of conservation and our outdoor pursuits.

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