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For 83 years, the Wyoming Wildlife Federation has been the voice for sportsmen and women of Wyoming – advocating on your behalf for the healthy, intact, and fully functioning ecosystems – providing outdoor opportunities and finding common ground through hard-hitting initiatives and campaigns. Wyoming Wildlife Federation’s mission is to conserve wildlife, habitat and outdoor opportunities.  Driven by this community’s love and passion for all things Wyoming, WWF is a conduit for conservation stewards, like yourself, who are actively engaged in protecting your wild heritage through policy, advocacy, and local engagement.

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Tackle Key Conservation Issues

Since 1937 Wyoming Wildlife Federation has been the champion of wildlife, conservation, and outdoor access issues in Wyoming.

Habitat and Water ResourcesIssues
May 4, 2018

Habitat & Water Improvements

Our vision is a Wyoming with clean water and healthy habitat to help support the wildlife and fish species that depend on them.
Mountain Campfire by Landon Blanchard Access and Outdoor OpportunitiesIssues
May 4, 2018

Access & Outdoor Opportunities

Wyoming holds some of the most pristine and intact ecosystems on the planet, with public lands comprising nearly half of the states total area. However, loss of access and increasing demands on our public lands are major threats to the future of conservation and our outdoor pursuits.
IssuesScience Based Management
May 3, 2018

Science Based Management Policies

The Wyoming Wildlife Federation makes decisions, creates campaigns, and forms initiatives based on the best available wildlife and habitat science.

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Our History

Wyoming's Oldest Wildlife Conservation Organization

Founded in 1937, the Wyoming Wildlife Federation was initially tasked with educating the public on the need for game laws and to help the relatively young Wyoming Game and Fish Department become a larger, independent agency. In the decades since, WWF has been instrumental in furthering public education, shaping management policies, and developing programs that address conservation issues. Today, we pride ourselves on being the oldest and largest hunting and angling conservation organization in the state, with a growing voice directed towards cultivating positive, lasting outcomes for wildlife, wildlands, and our outdoor heritage.

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Our Organization

We Fight For Wildlife, Habitat, and Hunting & Angling Opportunities

We are the hunting and angling voice for conservation in Wyoming. Our staff and members are passionate about issues affecting wildlife, habitat, and our outdoor heritage. We advocate on behalf of our members and encourage a community of conservation stewards to fight for our cherished resources. Through policy, advocacy, and local engagement, the Wyoming Wildlife Federation is a service to Wyoming’s outdoor legacy.

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Programs That Make A Difference

Wyoming faces complex conservation challenges and Wyoming Wildlife Federation has put together a diverse set of programs to address them.

Conservation StewardsPrograms
May 4, 2018

Conservation Ambassadors

We aim to build and sustain a network of local conservation advocates and affiliated groups/clubs, that are active in regional conservation issues and projects.
Migrating Deer Photo by David Frame IssuesMigration Corridors
May 4, 2018

Migration Corridors

Intact and expansive ungulate migrations are unique to Wyoming and the continuation of these animal movements relies on the conservation of key corridors in specific regions of the state.
Pickup Overlooking Vast Red Desert Area ProgramsRock Springs Resource Management Plan
May 4, 2018

Rock Springs Resource Management Plan

The BLM Rock Springs Field Office is currently revising its Rock Springs Resource Management Plan, which has implications for wildlife and sportsmen for many years to come.

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