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Wyoming Wildlife Federation works to conserve wildlife, habitat and outdoor opportunities.

The Issues We Work On

The Wyoming Wildlife Federation is focused on issues surrounding Wyoming’s wildlife, habitat and outdoor opportunities. We advocate for wildlife and habitat conservation on behalf of the people of Wyoming. We believe that the human element in conservation is critical to the success of these initiatives.

These highlighted issues reflect our vision of well-conserved fish and wildlife populations, healthy habitats, and engaged conservationists.

We aim to address these issues by informing, engaging, and empowering Wyoming conservationists, while supporting sustainably funded wildlife management and strong science-based policies to restore and reconnect wildlife habitat; and strengthen Wyoming’s culture of hunters and anglers positively impacting conservation outcomes.

Science Based Management Policies

The Wyoming Wildlife Federation makes decisions, creates campaigns, and forms initiatives based on the best available wildlife and habitat science.

Our vision is a Wyoming with clean water and healthy habitat to help support the wildlife and fish species that depend on them.

Intact and expansive ungulate migrations are unique to Wyoming and the continuation of these animal movements relies on the conservation of key corridors in specific regions of the state.

Wyoming’s roadways see some of the highest rates of vehicle/ wildlife collisions anywhere in the United States. Working to reduce the hazard not only benefits wildlife but, also greatly helps reduce the number of human fatalities and injuries.

Through our work in policy, advocacy, and public initiatives, we strive for management protocols that are sustainable for the wildlife, ecosystems, and the human economies that they effect.

Wyoming holds some of the most pristine and intact ecosystems on the planet, with public lands comprising nearly half of the state’s total area. However, loss of access and increasing demands on our public lands are major threats to the future of conservation and our outdoor pursuits.

Local engagement in communities throughout the state is crucial in cultivating an informed and empowered conservation voice for Wyoming. Our goal is to connect people with wildlife, landscapes, and other individuals and organizations who stand up for conservation.

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