Through our work in policy, advocacy, and public initiatives, we strive for management protocols that are sustainable for the wildlife, ecosystems, and the human economies that they effect. We believe that by working towards viable management practices, the Wyoming that we all cherish and know today, will thrive for generations to come.

The Federation also provides members with tools for sustainably managing wildlife themselves, whether it means landscaping tips to match local flora, or tips to make your property more mule deer friendly. Additionally, catching up on how wildlife are doing around Wyoming is important, whether that is the bison reintroduction on the Wind River Reservation or an update on the state of Wyoming’s wild sheep.

Ensuring sustainable wildlife management into Wyoming’s future is crucial to the Federation’s mission and crucial to the future of Wyoming’s economy.

County-By-County – Economic Impact Of Hunting And Fishing Reports

A partnership with University of Wyoming and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department

WWF has commissioned economic impact studies evaluating how hunting and fishing, based on our robust wildlife populations, contribute to the tourism economy of each county.

The Park County study, completed as a pilot, showed hunting and angling generated more than $23 million in 2015. These studies are intended to provide information on the value of wildlife and recreation for the Wyoming Public Lands Initiative and the county committees assembled to consider the fate of Wilderness Study Areas and other public lands. By leveraging the economic modeling methods developed for the pilot project, work on the remaining Wyoming counties can be completed. Ultimately, every county and a full statewide assessment will result from this economic research effort.

Click below to read each county’s economic report.

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What We Do To Help

Wyoming Wildlife Federation has a number of specific Programs that address this issue directly. Click on a Program in the list below to explore it in depth.

Greater Little Mountain CoalitionPrograms
May 4, 2018

Greater Little Mountain Coalition

The Greater Little Mountain Coalition supports a mosaic of management prescriptions that entail conservation, preservation, no surface occupancy, and gold book standard responsible energy development.
Deer Jumping Fence Red Desert To Hoback Migration Wildlife Migrations NewsWildlife Migrations
May 4, 2018

Migration Work

With increasing pressures on wildlife habitats and specifically the throfares in which animals moves and migrate, come increasing need for programs and initiatives that focus on conserving these vital habitat corridors.
RMP Outline Header Light ProgramsRock Springs Resource Management Plan
May 4, 2018

Rock Springs Resource Management Plan

The BLM Rock Springs Field Office is currently revising its Rock Springs Resource Management Plan, which has implications for wildlife and sportsmen for many years to come.

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