Our Programs & Campaigns

From the summits to the sage our programs take into consideration the crucial seasonal movements of Wyoming’s wildlife. We work for balanced policies that promotes restoration, conservation, and reconnection of habitat across public lands, working lands, water, and communities. We look to maintain and improve wildlife’s ability to seasonally migrate by collaborating on habitat projects and working toward constructive policies and funding for habitat and wildlife management.

ProgramsWounded Veterans and Youth Hunts
June 19, 2018

Wounded Veterans and Youth Hunts

Wyoming Wildlife Federation participates in the Wounded Veteran Hunt program, which is intended to honor wounded servicemen and women for their duty and service by providing them with a complementary hunting experience in Wyoming’s beautiful backcountry.
Camo At The CapitolPrograms
June 18, 2018

Camo At The Capitol

Bringing hunters and anglers together and building an effective and informed advocacy voice is the mission for the Camo at the Capitol program.
ProgramsTask Forces
May 4, 2018

Task Forces

Wyoming Wildlife Federation participates in a variety of state-wide task forces.
ProgramsWyoming Range
May 4, 2018

Wyoming Range

This beloved country is abundant encompassing Thompson Pass, Horse Creek, McDougal Gap, North and South Cottonwood Creeks, Lander Peak, and Piney Creek.
Greater Little Mountain CoalitionPrograms
May 4, 2018

Greater Little Mountain Coalition

The Greater Little Mountain Coalition supports a mosaic of management prescriptions that entail conservation, preservation, no surface occupancy, and gold book standard responsible energy development.
Grazing AllotmentsPrograms
May 4, 2018

Grazing Allotments

The co-mingling of Bighorn and Domestic Sheep causes one of the largest threats to our native wildlife species: diseases of domestic animals.
ProgramsWildlife Migrations
May 4, 2018

Wildlife Migrations

With increasing pressures on wildlife habitats and specifically the throfares in which animals moves and migrate, come increasing need for programs and initiatives that focus on conserving these vital habitat corridors.
ProgramsRock Springs Resource Management Plan
May 4, 2018

Rock Springs Resource Management Plan

The BLM Rock Springs Field Office is currently revising its Rock Springs Resource Management Plan, which has implications for wildlife and sportsmen for many years to come.
ProgramsRecovering America's Wildlife Act
May 4, 2018

Recovering America’s Wildlife Act

The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act will redirect $1.3 billion of existing revenue annually to state-led wildlife conservation efforts, effectively allowing the states to more fully implement their State Wildlife Action Plans.
Commissioners TagPrograms
May 4, 2018

Commissioner Tag Raffle

Providing access and opportunity to all is a core component to our mission - the Hunt Sweeps program provides just that. Instead of auctioning tags to the highest bidder, we seek to bring these once in a lifetime opportunities to individuals who otherwise would not be included in the conversation.
Living Wyoming WildPrograms
May 4, 2018

Living Wyoming Wild

The goal of the Living Wyoming Wild initiative is to showcase the diversity and scope of those individuals, businesses, and organizations that know the value of Wyoming’s wild heritage.
Hunters For The HungryPrograms
May 4, 2018

Hunters For The Hungry

This program gives hunters the opportunity to give back to local communities and it gives those in need a local, healthy nutritional component to their diet.
Conservation StewardsPrograms
May 4, 2018

Conservation Advocacy

We aim to build and sustain a network of local conservation advocates and affiliated groups/clubs, that are active in regional conservation issues and projects.

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How We Run Our Programs

We are focused on providing real, tangible solutions to conservation issues in Wyoming. Our programs are designed to address these issues through local involvement and funding from local dollars.


Issues involving public lands, wildlife, habitat, and outdoor access can come hard and fast these days. We work to identify these issues in order to create effective solutions.


We rely on funding through member contributions and grants. These funding sources allow us to implement programs and initiatives that address issues and create opportunities for individuals in Wyoming.


Our programs are true “boots on the ground” campaigns that tackle local issues with local vision. We create programs that are meant to provide immediate results with lasting positive outcomes for wildlife, wildlands, and the people of Wyoming.

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