Want to help feed folks with wild game meat? The Wyoming Wildlife Federation and Hole Food Rescue in Jackson have teamed up to educate and promote the local Hunters for the Hungry program. This program allows hunters who would like to help local communities by donating high-quality wild game meat to community members through Hole Food Rescue. This is how you can donate.



Step 1: Prepare Animal For Processing

Field dress your harvest as you would normally and get the carcass cooled down as soon as possible to prevent any meat spoilage. Make sure you have all necessary license and tag information accompanying the animal at the time of processing. If your harvest is a deer, elk, or moose, be sure to pull a lymph node sample for chronic wasting disease sampling.  The sample should be taken to a check station or a Game and Fish regional office to submit for testing. You CANNOT donate meat without a negative CWD sample.


Step 2: Bring to Wild Game Processor

Jackson’s Wild Game Meat Processor:

Matt’s Custom Meats

1655 Berger Ln

Jackson, WY 83001

(307) 201-5207

Hunters may donate portions of their harvest or the whole animal. Specify how many pounds of meat they would like to be contributed at the time of pick up.

Hunters are responsible for paying for processing.

Step 3: Hole Food Rescue Distributes

After processing, all portions of donated game meat must be marked as “wild game”, “not for sale”, and “CWD-Free” if applicable. Local partners then distribute the donated meat to community members.

Here is a video to explain CWD Sampling

If you would like a CWD testing kit mailed to you, email [email protected] A complimentary CWD testing kit will be mailed to you.

About Hole Food Rescue

Hole Food Rescue’s (HFR) mission is to reduce food waste and cultivate food security. They rescue an average of 20,000 pounds of food per month otherwise destined for the landfill. That is enough to feed you every meal of every day for the next 19 years.

In 2021 alone, they redistributed 198,689 pounds of food into the community. One of the most sought-after food items in their No-Cost Grocery Program is wild game meat donated by hunters through WWF’s Hunters for the Hungry program.

It’s so popular, wild game meat is the only food item rationed per person. You can help ensure more folks receive this incredible protein source by donating wild game to Hole Food Rescue

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