Want to learn about the conservation issues and solutions affecting our wildlife, wild places, and outdoor opportunities? Attend the NEW Wildlife On Tap series at the Roadhouse Tap Room at 1225 Gregory Ln, in Jackson, WY to get the latest from wildlife and land-use professionals in the local area and expand your knowledge of issues impacting the wildlife, habitat, and outdoor opportunities we all know and love.

Wildlife on Tap is an extension of the Wyoming Wildlife Federation’s education program. The education program includes kids’ education through curated Wyoming-based curricula, Class Outside Summer Camps, and community events like Wildlife on Tap for adults.


NEXT EVENT: What Does “Lead-Free” Mean?

This month’s speakers are Bryan Bedrosian, Co-Founder/Director and Hannah Leonard, Outreach Coordinator, from Sporting Lead-Free, which is an educational initiative working to reduce inadvertent lead consumption by wildlife and people through the voluntary choice of lead-free ammunition and tackle. They’ll talk about what happens after the shot and how hunting and angling can impact non-target species.

January 31 @ 7:00 PM, MST


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