WWF has developed lessons to help Wyoming teachers bring their classes outside and to bring our wild Wyoming to the classroom. If you have any issues, want to request a lesson, or want help connecting your classroom to a local wildlife professional, contact Andrea Barbknecht at the email or phone number below or click on the suggestion box at the bottom of the page.

Email: abarbknecht@wyomingwildlife.org

Call (307) 335-8633

Invasive species lessons were developed with financial support from the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation and other partners including the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and Commission and Western Confluence Magazine.

High School Content

Middle School Content

Legislative Literacy (Secondary Level)

Made possible thanks to grant funds from ThinkWY for Lesson Development.

Please contact Andrea Barbknecht at abarbknecht@wyomingwildlife.org or Jessi Johnson at jessijohnson@wyomingwildlife.org to arrange a virtual visit from our government affairs staff with your classroom.

Elementary Content

This content was made possible through the generous support of the Pacific Power Foundation, Scott Foundation, and the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation.

Comparing Plants (Kindergarten)

Plant a Narrative (Kindergarten)

Sit Spots (K-5th Grade)

Resources Outside WWF