The Founding Mothers of Wildlife Conservation

Founding Members of Wildlife Conservation

The history of wildlife science and conservation in North America is chock full of great men. From John James Audobon to Gifford Pinchot to Aldo Leopold, we could fill pages with their names. Less well known are the women who contributed significantly to the history of wildlife biology and conservation. Here are just a few of those trailblazers: Enid Michael…

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How Do I Manage My Land to Help Mule Deer?


If you have the luck to own a little piece of Wyoming’s vast rangelands, you might be wondering how to support local wildlife on your property, particularly the antler bearing type. When managing for mule deer, it is good to first check-in with Wyoming Game and Fish Department habitat maps or your local biologist to determine what kind of habitat…

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Learn About Santa’s Draft Animals of Choice: Reindeer


Wyoming is expecting a visit from some very festive non-native ungulates in the near future. They will be escorted by a little old man dressed in red who drives a sleigh. Reindeer, also known as caribou in North America, or Rangifer tarandus if you are a science fan, make their way into our collective consciousness every year around this time….

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