Tales from Summit to Sage: Josh “Yoshi” Masek


There I Was… “What the heck am I doing?” I asked myself aloud, not for the first or last time that day. My cold, winter-cracked fingers bled as I attempted to tie the size 18 Pink Reece’s Fusion nymph to my tippet, turning the pink ostrich herl a dark shade of crimson. Earlier today, as I sipped my morning coffee…

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Lander Art and Ecology Virtual Exhibition

Class Outside Student Taking Photo

Kids in Lander created the following exhibition as part of a week-long arts and ecology camp. The kids visited riparian (river), forest, and sagebrush ecosystems and created art inspired by their experiences and by how the history of art, ecology, and conservation are connected. Did you know that the painter Moran played a key role in the creation of Yellowstone?…

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