2024 WWF Commissioner Tag Auction

Purchase a premium Wyoming deer, elk, or pronghorn license & support conservation!

If you or someone you know is looking to purchase a hunt of a lifetime, the Wyoming Wildlife Federation has a 2024 Commissioner Tag online auction this February 9, 2024 at 6 am through February 20th at 5:00 pm, mst.

This license offers the holder the opportunity to hunt any single Wyoming deer, or elk, or pronghorn hunt offered in 2024.

In the least, these hunts require many years of applications to have a chance at drawing and offer a true trophy experience in the Cowboy State. From rut mule deer hunts to screaming desert bull elk, there are hunts available that offer extremely high-quality and unique hunts.

Since there are no transferrable landowner licenses, Commissioners and Governor tags are the only way to guarantee an opportunity to go on these extremely limited adventures.

All proceeds go toward conservation efforts in Wyoming through the Wyoming Wildlife Federation. The Wyoming Wildlife Federation’s mission is to deliver leadership in conservation for Wyoming’s wildlife, hunters, anglers, & conservationists through policy, education, advocacy, & habitat projects.

This Commissioner's Tag was donated to the Wyoming Wildlife Federation by Commissioner Ralph Brokaw from Arlington, WY. WWF cannot thank Commissioner Brokaw enough for his support of Wyoming's wildlife and wild places with this license.

If an auction tag is not an option for you, stay tuned for WWF's annual Dream Big Commissioner Tag Raffle. This raffle offers $50 tickets for the chance at a Commissioner's Tag, plus other great hunting prizes!

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