Dream Big Commissioner Tag Raffle

 Your chance at ANY 2024 Deer, Elk, or Pronghorn Hunt

Presented by Sig Sauer, DaySix Gear, Argali Outdoors, & Lacrosse Footwear

Have you ever dreamt about going on the hunt of a lifetime? WWF believes in offering a raffle that is affordable to a wide range of hunters, and the Dream Big Commissioner Tag provides just that. Make your dream hunt a reality with a $50 raffle ticket to enter to win.

While there is only one Commissioner Tag, there are four other great prizes from our parters at Sig Sauer, Argali Outdoors, and Lacrosse Boots for great odds of taking home a prize.

Dream big and good luck in the drawing!


Where does my money go?

This Commissioner License was given to the Wyoming Wildlife Federation by Commissioner Richard Ladwig from Manville, WY. Proceeds from the sale of this tag will support conservation policy, education, and habitat improvement projects.

What are my odds and what prizes could I win?

Each ticket holds a chance of winning a prize with a maximum of 1000 tickets sold. The prizes are:

  • Grand prize: 2024 Commissioner License
  • Casper-Based DaySix Arrow Build
  • Image Stabilized Binoculars from Sig Sauer
  • Argali Outdoors Kill Kit
  • Lacrosse Footwear Gift Card
  • 2-Person Fly Fishing Trip (Full-day float trip on Bighorn River)
  • 1 Seat on an EcoFlight (Choose between Wyoming Range, Red Desert to Hoback Migration, or Greater Little Mountain Area). Includes AirBnb lodging for the night prior.
  • 2-Night Stay at Pahaska Teepee at East Entrance of Yellowstone National Park (8/20-10/8, 2024)
  • RO Drift Boats Mini Boat (Used as event beer cooler, planters, dog beds, baby beds, retail displays, etc.)

If someone wins any of these, like the three trips available within Wyoming, and lives too far and/or doesn't want to make it happen this year, WWF will continue drawing until someone is drawn who is available and would like to attend.

What do I get if I receive the Commissioner's License?

Recipients of the Commissioner's License can first choose the hunt they are interested in - any deer, a elk, or an antelope hunt offered in Wyoming in 2024.

How do I know if I have won?

There will be an official drawing of the winners for all five (5) prizes on June 1, 2024. If all tickets sell out before then, an alternate date will be chosen for the live drawing.

Following the drawing, a personal phone call and email will be made to all winners. If you have not received a phone call and/or email 24 hours after the drawing, it is safe to assume your ticket was not chosen.

For further questions, please email info@wyomingwildlife.org


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