12 miles for the 150 – Field Report on Red Desert to Hoback

Red Desert to Hoback Mule Deer Migration Fence Modification

Herd of winter does in Big Sandy country

The migration route for mule deer from the Red Desert to the Hoback not only encompasses more than 100 miles, it also has over 100 miles of not-so-friendly wildlife fence within its boundaries. WWF and a vast array of partners, especially landowners, have made significant progress in replacing or modifying such fences.

WWF and its partners received Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust (WWNRT) funding assistance ($169K) which resulted in the replacement of approximately 12 miles of wildlife-friendly fencing on the Rolling Thunder Ranch and initiation of wildlife-friendly fencing on the Flying Fishhook Ranch.  Moreover, the work on Rolling Thunder gained the interest of two neighbors which are currently replacing approximately 30+ miles of fences with wildlife-friendly fencing. Hats off to the Sublette County NRCS for spearheading fence modifications with the landowners and soliciting funding!

Rolling Thunder Fence

WWF and its partners have applied for additional WWNRT funding to replace/modify an additional 30 miles of fence on three ranches over the next 2-3 years.  Partnerships are essential. There are at least 13 NGO’s and 7 regional offices representing 3 agencies providing support on several fronts. And then there are the willing landowners, the critical component of this program.

This wildlife-friendly fence effort not only vividly illustrates the value of wildlife to Wyomingites, but it demonstrates our willingness to be team players in accomplishing seemingly formidable tasks.