Bear Grills: A Bear Meat Recipe Competition

The 2020 Bear Grills Competition is Closed

Do you have what it takes to make it out alive from one of the most dangerous places on earth? The WWF Team is referring to the sort of places you wouldn’t last a day without the right survival skills. WWF vs. The Kitchen*.

*Originally intended to say WILD. Bear wrestling and eating cactus to stay alive were on the agenda but since we are all self-distancing to help flatten the COVID-19 curve, this was a safer option – check back with us in 2021 for bear wrestling.

Bear season is upon us and we are hoping you will show us your most fantastic and mind-blowing skills in the kitchen. We expect culinary masterpieces (a solid burger recipe will also be looked on favorably) made from this season’s big game table fare – black bear.

Tell us where you are from, what your recipe is called, and how to craft your masterpiece in the kitchen.

There will be fire…there will be heat…there will be fearless and creative competition as home chefs go head to head. There will be only one winner (plus 4 other winners, but who’s counting).

Upload your favorite bear meat recipe here and be entered to win one of five prizes:

1. Tailgater Portable Grill Package + WBF Membership

2. Mystery Ranch Metcalf Backpack (Winner to choose frame size and color) + WBF Membership

3. 14″ x 16″ Metal Print of a Bear Photo by Josh Metten + WBF Membership

4. One Membership from Western Bear Foundation

5. One Membership from Western Bear Foundation

To enter, simply click on “Submit My Recipe” below and you will be taken to the Bear Grills submission form. From there, enter your email, state you are from, a creative name, surprising secret ingredient, and a photo to accompany your creation.

Judging Criteria:

40% Bourdain-Inspiring Recipe Ingenuity

30% Fieri-Certified Flavors

20% Taste-Bud Tantalizing Title

10% Free-Range Meat Sourced

Competition begins May 1, 2020. Winners will be chosen June 15, 2020.



Special thanks to all partners for making these competition prizes bearable:

Western Bear Foundation

Traeger Grills

Mystery Ranch

Josh Metten Photography