Providing access and opportunity to all is a core component to our mission – the Commissioner Tag Raffle provides just that while helping out a great cause. A license offered by a Game and Fish Commissioner is one of a kind – it allows the holder to have an experience chasing trophy class big game in a trophy class setting that would be otherwise nearly impossible to have because of the incredible demand for these hunts. You never know, you may just be like our last two winners who scored their hunts with just one name in the hat.

As of Friday, February 12, 2021 at 6:36 PM MST, all 300 raffle tickets for the 2021 Commissioner’s Tag Raffle have sold and the raffle is no longer available.

The Federation cannot express enough gratitude for all of the people who purchased tickets for this year’s Commissioner’s Tag Raffle. You have blown us away with your eagerness to hunt in Wyoming and support the Wyoming Wildlife Federation in the process.

This year was by far the fastest sell-out of tickets for a WWF Commissioner Tag and we can not thank you enough for your support.

When will WWF draw for the winners?

The Federation was expecting to draw winners at the end of the raffle on March 15, however, we are now working to come up with a different game plan. If you purchased raffle tickets, stay tuned for more specific announcements for the date the winners will be chosen.

What did the raffle support?

This Commissioner Tag Raffle is going to support the Class Outside Program within the Wyoming Wildlife Federation. These efforts educate kids on Wyoming ecology, get students learning outdoor skills, and inform them on how to take action in their legislature.

Missed out on this fundraiser? Stay tuned this spring for more WWF giveaways and raffles. 

What Is A Commissioner Tag?

The Commissioner license (also referred to as a tag) offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase a Wyoming deer, antelope, or elk tag in any open unit with any legal weapon across the state.

Commissioner licenses are awarded by Wyoming Game and Fish (WGFD) Commissioners to non-profit/charitable organizations around the state. From 4H clubs to hunter/angler advocacy organizations like this one, these tags help raise funds for charities and non-profits that ultimately work to give back to the Wyoming public.

This year Commissioner Ralph Brokaw from Arlington, WY gave WWF a Commissioner license to raffle until March 15, 2021 or until all 300 tickets for the tag are sold.

In addition to the hunt of a lifetime, this year Wyoming Wildlife Federation has teamed up with partners to also offer incredible runner-up prizes in this year’s raffle. Winners will be chosen for:

Prize 1: Wyoming Commissioner’s License & 1-Year Free Eastmans’ Publishing Subscription

Prize 2: Maven RF.1 Rangefinder & 1-Year Free Eastmans’ Publishing Subscription

Prize 3: $300 Gift Card to First Lite & 1-Year Free Eastmans’ Publishing Subscription

Where Does My Money Go?

Sure, you have a chance to win a hunt of a lifetime and some great gear, but you will also have a direct impact on this organization and the ability of WWF to continue advocating on behalf of wildlife and habitat conservation and our hunting heritage. In addition to helping our staff stay involved with top wildlife issues, from policy to public land management, this tag will fund our new education program called Class Outside to provide educational outdoor opportunities for the next generation.

About Class Outside

Last year, WWF partnered with organizations like the Bureau of Land Management, Lander Art Center and Popo Agie Anglers to provide opportunities for youth to explore and build skills during summer day camps in July. Also, WWF has now worked with 8 schools across the state to adapt Wyoming-specific outdoor and nature curricula, like discussing mule deer migration instead of some species less relevant to the Wyoming landscape.

This work matters!

If you wish to find out more about Wyoming Wildlife Federation, please check out the Issues the Federation addresses below. If you would still like to support Wyoming’s wildlife and wild places, please consider donating directly here.

The Issues Addressed

Each Program that Wyoming Wildlife Federation runs affects a variety of different conservation Issues. Click on an Issue to find out more about it.

Mountain Campfire by Landon Blanchard Access and Outdoor OpportunitiesIssues
May 4, 2018

Access & Outdoor Opportunities

Wyoming holds some of the most pristine and intact ecosystems on the planet, with public lands comprising nearly half of the states total area. However, loss of access and increasing demands on our public lands are major threats to the future of conservation and our outdoor pursuits.

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