The Green River stretches 730 miles from the high country of the Wind River mountains to the Colorado River in southern Utah. The Upper Green River in Southwest Wyoming is a crucial waterway in a very arid part of the state. The fishery holds many brown trout, brook trout, and the native Colorado Cutthroat trout, as well as mountain whitefish and other native fish.

Each year, thousands of anglers flock to the Upper Green River for the wildness and excellent fishing opportunities. The use is primarily concentrated near just a few of the communities along the river due to the lack of knowledge around publicly accessible fishing areas.

Kolton Gregory Fishing Green River

Conservation Ambassador, Kolton Gregory rows his drift boat down the Upper Green River.

The Wyoming Wildlife Federation is working to improve both boating and wading access on “the Green” by spreading out anglers to reduce pressure on popular fisheries. The Federation will identify all transitions from public to private lands with easy-to-read signage allowing anglers on the river to have a clear idea where they can stop, drop anchor, camp, and/or wade. Hunters in the area will also benefit from knowing where they can set up to coax in waterfowl, or put a stalk on some of the big game that calls this stretch of river home.

This work will help recreationists have better experiences while respecting landowners’ rights. The Federation’s campaign will increase the peace and seclusion along the river while reducing the impact on the wildlife that call it home.  In the case of the Green, that means taking pressure off of the native Colorado River Cutthroat Trout.

For more information about this program, contact habitat coordinator Sam Lockwood at slockwood@wyomingwildlife.org.

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The Issues Addressed

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IssuesSustainable Wildlife Management
May 4, 2018

Sustainable Wildlife Management

Through our work in policy, advocacy, and public initiatives, we strive for management protocols that are sustainable for the wildlife, ecosystems, and the human economies that they effect.
IssuesScience Based Management
May 3, 2018

Science Based Management Policies

The Wyoming Wildlife Federation makes decisions, creates campaigns, and forms initiatives based on the best available wildlife and habitat science.

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