Highway 28 Fence Improvement Project

Our favorite recreational opportunities wouldn’t be the same without intact habitats and unhindered migration routes. As a result, the Wyoming Wildlife Federation is excited to continue expanding habitat enhancement projects throughout the summer of 2020. With the help of a suite of partners and agencies, the Federation has planned the biggest year for habitat projects in a very long while.

These projects begin with the Highway 28 Fence Improvement Project, June 20, 2020.

How Will This Help Wildlife?

The Wyoming Wildlife and Roadway Initiative Implementation Team (WWRIIT) prioritized Highway 28 in their top 10 sites that needed roadway upgrades to aid deer and pronghorn movements. This road stretch is a crucial section for the southern end of the Hoback to Red Desert Mule Deer Migration Corridor and migration for a portion of the Sublette Antelope Herd.

By adding adjustable clips to the fencing, antelope will be able to cross underneath the bottom wire easier once it is lifted off the ground more.

Project Details

On June 20, the Federation will team up with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and others to improve the fencing along Highway 28 near Farson. This fence improvement includes adding adjustable clips to existing fencelines and move the bottom wire higher off the ground.

Volunteers meet in Farson in the parking lot next to the Mercantile at 9:00 am, where tools and tasks will be divided among the attendees.

What Should I Bring?

Bring cordless drills with extra batteries, T-20 or T-25 bits, and bolt cutters that are at least 20+ inches long. There are limited tools available for volunteers, so please borrow from others if possible and you do not have your own.

Attendees should wear bright coloring – orange or yellow – since the work will be in the highway Right-of-Way. Blaze orange clothing used for hunting works great!

WWF and Wyoming Game and Fish Department will provide lunch and water. Volunteers are encouraged to bring additional drinks and snacks for the day.

How Do I Join?

Please RSVP on the Facebook Event Post.

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If you do not have access to Facebook, RSVP with WWF’s Field Organizer, Sam Lockwood by phone at (435) 729-0951, or by email at slockwood@wyomingwildlife.org.

WGFD Biologist, Dean Clause, can also be reached at (307) 360-7437.