After the recent passing of their father, Pep Brinkerhoff’s family wanted to do something to carry on the hunting opportunities and Wyoming outdoor spaces that he loved. They entrusted his legacy in this area to WWF and we want to share his story and celebrate his life with other members of the Federation who will understand this deep connection.

Ward “Pep” Brinkerhoff was raised in Powell, Wyoming where he spent much of his time growing up in the Big Horn mountains. In those mountains, he hunted with his father and brothers. He moved to Evanston in the 1980’s and his love for exploring the outdoors followed. Pep harvested an array of animals includ Pep Brinkerhoff with Moose ing elk, moose, deer, antelope, turkey, and his fair share of prairie dogs. He eventually became an avid bowhunter and harvested his first mule deer in the Wind River Mountains.

However, Pep’s true passion was sharing what Wyoming outdoors has to offer. Every fall, a flock of nephews would come down to Evanston to have their experience of sitting in one of Pep’s notorious antelope blinds. They would wake up early to spend the whole day in the blind and then stay up till the wee hours of the morning watching past years hunting videos and swapping stories back and forth. Pep taught these boys not only how to hunt, but how to be ethical stewards of the land and to treat each outing with respect.

Pep Brinkerhoff with his family and elka

Pep Brinkerhoff with his family and bull elk he harvested.

Pep is the father to three daughters, but that did not stop him from sharing the outdoors with them as well. He made sure to give them every opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. From having them help pack in bear bait with Barbie Dolls in their hands to their own hunting trips, he made sure that they also understood the importance of getting outside, not only to experience what nature had to offer but for their own wellbeing.

Pep Brinkerhoff Carrying Out an Elk

Pep Brinkerhoff carrying out an elk. He was an avid elk hunter.

Wyoming wildlife and land was important to Pep, because this is where he truly was the happiest. This is where he found his true self. This is where he taught the next generation how to treat the land and animals with a quiet respect. This is where he felt the most at home. Pep Brinkerhoff will be greatly missed by all those he touched, but the lessons he taught will be passed on for generations to come.

From all of us at the Federation, thank you to the Brinkerhoff family for sharing this story with us and making a donation in his name.