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Keep it Public Wyoming

“Whether historical or ecological, political or personal, the connective tissue that holds together or tears apart our public lands begins with “We the People”.”- Terry Tempest Williams


Last Saturday over 130 people showed up in Laramie to voice their support for a bill to create an official Wyoming Public Lands Day in the state. The “Keep it Public Laramie” rally, put on by the “Keep it Public Wyoming” coalition comprised of 35 or more diverse groups and businesses, was an eclectic and powerful vision of just how diverse public land users are. The bill asks to designate a Wyoming Public Lands Day, which would include a school day off  to encourage Wyoming’s youth to get outside with family and friends. Many schools already have leniency toward the allowing kids a day off during elk and deer season.

As one of the “Keep it Public, Wyoming” groups WWF’s public lands coordinator Jessi Johnson gave a short talk on the diversity and unique values of Wyoming’s public land.  She stated,  “Like many of its users…public lands in Wyoming are a diverse and unique bunch.”  She finished with a nod to the positive “I can see no downside to a legislative bill that promotes outside activities especially around youth and family. This is a win for all involved.”


Wyoming Wildlife Federation is proud to throw our support behind this bill and will work hard to make sure that it is a success during the legislative session this year, but we need your help. As a member, a sportsman or woman, and a public land owner, it is important that you engage and support those few positive public lands bills.  We are used to fighting against something…now we have something to fight for.

On September 6th in Jackson, Wyoming there will be a 2nd Rally and Celebration for this unique Public Lands Day bill. WWF will be there to chat more on what you can do to help this pass. Join us

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