Rolling Thunder – Red Desert to Hoback Fencing Initiative

Rolling Thunder – the first fence modifications for the Red Desert to Hoback Fencing Initiative

Steve Kilpatrick

Four to six thousand mule deer will be starting to find their travels along this migration corridor a little easier – thanks to local  landowners and multiple funders.  WWF and several other partners sought funding to replace or modify over 100 miles of not-so-wildlife- friendly fences along the migration route.  The first Ranch to step up to the plate was the Rolling Thunder, owned by Tim Delaney.

Approximately 10 miles of fence were replaced/modified on the Rolling Thunder ranch during the 2016-2017 summers. Wildlife-friendly fence modifications are a win-win for wildlife and ranchers. While assisting with wildlife permeability, they also provide ranchers with an efective tool for livestock management and distribution. People working together – that’s what makes a community function, including wildlife communities.

Organizations and agencies have raised approximately $390,000 for wildife-friendly fence modifications over the past two years.  Funds have have come from Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Turst, Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative, Pinedale Anticline Project Office and the Wyoming Game and Fish Mule Deer Initiative.

Additional ranchers have expressed an interest in the fencing initiative and additional funding avenues are being explored.  WWF thanks the many partners soliciting funding, the funders and the ranchers for working together and investing in the future of wildlife, community culture and local lively hoods.