WY Public Lands?

The Wyoming Public Lands Initiative why should I care?

This is an attempt to highlight some of the issues arising that are important to Wyoming’s legacy of big skies, wild life, wild lands, and the wild Wyoming citizen!

The Wyoming Public Lands Initiative is an effort brought forth by the Wyoming County Commissioners Association to bring some finality to the 45 Wilderness study areas (WSA) within Wyoming. These bits of paradise and historical snapshots of Wyoming have been in designation limbo for upwards of 30 years. Meaning that they are managed as wilderness but do not boast the protection that final designation can give them (uh oh, they are sitting ducks!).  The WSA’s are spread through-out the state and most every county sports at least part of one (yep they are in our backyards!). They are public land; meaning that they are there for the use and legacy of every U.S. citizen.  That right there is why this is worth paying attention to. These are YOUR lands! This is about YOUR heritage! YOU deserve a voice in these decisions, and WE are trying to give you one!

Check back soon for blog post #1 and the break down of what WPLI actually is!

Photo by Jessi Johnson

Photo by Jessi Johnson