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Wyoming Wildlife Federation – 2017 Legislative Session! 

WWF and NWF are making strides for public lands in WY – Our legislative work toward solutions to federal land management issues as opposed to the rather draconian move to transfer America’s public lands to state control, may pay off.

We asked the WY Federal Select Natural Resources Committee not to go forward with the constitutional amendment to transfer public lands to the state. Rather, we asked them consider a solutions bill. Colorado passed a similar bill in 2015 and we suggested a meeting with the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Kerry Donovan. That meeting occurred on Monday in Cheyenne.

Sen. Hicks invited the WY legislators and more than 20 attended, showing this new interest in solutions rather than transfer. They asked some really good questions.

CO Sen. Donovan said their bill really addressed the technical needs and resources for locals to utilize for land use plans; so they could be solid when it comes to NEPA and include all the technical jargon that the feds require. Fingers crossed the amendment gets tabled.

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