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Wyoming Wildlife Federation’s mission to conserve wildlife, habitat and outdoor opportunities, includes two major campaigns this year: Big game migrations and public lands!

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WWF works to conserve the longest mule deer migration in the lower 48 – Red Desert to Hoback Basin, Wyo

The model for conserving a big game migration corridor is the Red Desert to Hoback Basin (RD2H) route, which spans 150 miles into the Greater Yellowstone Area. It is the lon

Deer at fence by Joe Riis

Photo by Joe Riis.

gest mule deer migration route in the lower 48! The Wyoming Wildlife Federation recently launched a new website on this program, at www.rd2h.org.

The Wyoming Migration Initiative at UW is the science lead on this project with WWF playing a leading role for a major conservation partnership composed of 14 groups. WWF has played a major role in the development and rollout of new conservation definitions for big game migrations in Wyoming, as set forth by the Game and Fish Department. The organization has also secured grants to purchase and install wildlife-friendly fencing for 130 miles of the corridor. RD2H is intended to serve as a conservation template for other corridors in Wyoming.

Public Lands

Photo by Jessi Johnson

Photo by Jessi Johnson

WWF has hosted three major events this summer across the state for its campaign in Wyoming to “keep public lands in public hands.” This effort also includes serving as the lead coordinator for the Wyoming Sportsmen’s Alliance for the Wyoming Public Lands Initiative, with a focus on Wilderness Study Areas. Teton County recently launched its process, joining seven other counties working to design congressional legislation for future use and access to these areas. Overall, WWF’s goal is to maintain our national lands as “public” for all Americans.