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Field Report: Reducing Livestock/Wildlife Conflict

Grazing Allotment Conflict Resolution WWF continues to work with partners to resolve grazing allotment wildlife-livestock conflicts. Last year the partners addressed two allotments, one in the Wyoming Range (67,000 acres) and one in the upper Green River drainage (32,000 acres).  The upper Green River allotment complex accounted for over 68% of all grizzly bear -domestic […]

12 miles for the 150 – Field Report on Red Desert to Hoback

Red Desert to Hoback Mule Deer Migration Fence Modification The migration route for mule deer from the Red Desert to the Hoback not only encompasses more than 100 miles, it also has over 100 miles of not-so-friendly wildlife fence within its boundaries. WWF and a vast array of partners, especially landowners, have made significant progress […]

Talking Points for Upcoming BLM Scoping Hearings

The BLM is holding open houses for input on Wyoming’s Greater Sage Grouse Plans. This is crucial to protect 350 species in the sagebrush eco-system of Wyoming, including elk deer and proghorn.  The exisiting plan is the result of the work of many stakeholders and was designed to keep the sage grouse populations healthy and off […]