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Field Day Volunteer for Wildlife!

Wildlife Habitat Enhancement on Green Mountain Join us to improve aspen and riparian habitat for wildlife on Green Mountain. Green Mountain?  Yeah that Green Mountain out between Jeffery City and Muddy Gap.  See some new country and do good for wildlife.  We know it is hunting season, but one day will not hurt.

WGF Commission Meeting

Wyoming Game and Fish Commission On July 19 in Afton, the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission recognized exemplary employees from each department. In honor of those employees and our appreciation for the work the Department and Commission does for Wyoming, the Wyoming Wildlife Federation hosted a lunch. “It was an opportunity for the Federation to […]

Meadows: Allowing companies to capitalize on wildlife to make up for development is not a Wyoming value

First published in the Casper Star Tribune The current mess we are in with greater sage grouse is just history repeating itself. We have been here before, and we have made these mistakes — mistakes that have cost sportsmen and sportswomen of this country billions to try to repair the damage. Damage that could have […]