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Better Wildlife Crossings & Safer Roadways


MILLION Dollars Collisions Cost Humans & Property Annually


Reported Wildlife Collisions Each Year


Top Priority Crossings Identified By the WWRIIT


That is a lot of big game animals. Plus, 72% of collisions are with mule deer, a critter that is well-below management objectives in most places across Wyoming.

This is why the Wyoming Wildlife Federation has led the efforts as one of three nonprofits on Wyoming’s Wildlife & Roadways Initiative Implementation Team (WWRIIT) to find solutions for crossings & roadway safety.

If you have heard of the Kaycee to Buffalo I-25 Wildlife Crossings, it’s likely because of the work WWF & our many partners do to raise awareness & funding for these important projects.

If not, let us be the first to tell you about the top-priority projects ranging from the Halleck Ridge along I-80 to the Dry Piney crossings that just broke ground in SW Wyoming.

Wildlife overpasses reduce collisions up to 90% when they are built.

WWF rallies behind funding mechanisms, like the Wildlife Conservation License Plates, to ensure they are funded. These are immediate impacts. Support them today and make a major difference for wildlife tomorrow.

Fall Fund Drive Details

Donors of $50 or more will receive a FREE license holder via mail. One-year basic memberships to the Wyoming Wildlife Federation cost $50 per year. Donations of $50 or more either include membership for a year, or they extend your current membership 12 months from the date of the purchase.

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The Fall Fund Drive ends October 31, 2022 at midnight.