End of Year Giving 2023

Give to Legislative Efforts. Give to the Sporting Voice.

The team is gearing up for the legislative budget session starting in February of 2024. As you know, there are constant threats and opportunities for Wyoming’s wildlife and wild places in these sessions, but many of them are unpredictable heading into each session.

Here is what we do know. Bad wildlife, sporting, and public lands bills will be brought by some members of the Legislature. On the flip side, good bills will also be brought and need the voice of the sporting community to get them into law. Our staff is there every minute of the session to be there in person in Cheyenne as an advocate for wildlife and wild places.

Plus, the Camo at the Capitol event each legislative session is one of the most powerful ways hunters and anglers make an impact at the Capitol. This year's is on February 15, 2024.

We know this program is a favorite of many of our members, so we wanted to invite you to make one final donation in 2023 to this legislative work. Today is a great opportunity to donate to these efforts by Jess Johnson and the whole WWF team.

Don’t forget not only is your donation going towards making a huge difference, but it’s tax-deductible for this year if received by the end of December.

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