Giving Tuesday 2023

No Gimmicks. No Match. Just Funding Public Lands Policy Work.

Public lands policy is baked into the DNA of the Federation's work. With the Rock Springs Resource Management Draft Plan upon us, this important conservation work is front and center right now.

We ask you to donate on Giving Tuesday 2023 to keep and elevate the sporting voice at the table of these important conversations around public lands policy.

These policies ultimately direct the management that says whether we have roads, surface development, new wilderness characteristics, or other changes to the public lands we recreate on. Those decisions last for decades and are some of the most important to Wyoming's wildlife and wild places.

What exactly am I supporting?
There are over 1350 pages of volume one and two of the Rock Springs Resource Management Plan. The Federation staff puts our policy experts on the analysis of this document and serves as both the interpreter and go-to resource for members, partner organizations, and you!

Not to mention, the staff attends the inconvenient meetings and offers the voice of the sporting community in public lands policy so you don't have to.

It's not just the Rock Springs RMP, either. The Bridger-Teton Forest Management Plan revision is up next. It will be a huge haul for the sporting community to conserve those wildlife and wild places in the BTNF.

NOTE: The below are real WWF expenses incurred in October 2023 to attend one single event for the Rock Springs Resource Management Plan.

Program News

Overlooking the Rock Springs BLM Area


By Jaden Bales | August 24, 2023

The Rock Springs RMP sets the stage for how the BLM manages 3.6 million acres of public lands in Wyoming.

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