Intact and expansive ungulate migrations are unique to Wyoming and the continuation of these animal movements relies on the conservation of key corridors in specific regions of the state. We advocate for the designation and protection of these habitats so that development and wildlife conservation can responsibly co-evolve while still meeting the needs of both wildlife and development in Wyoming.

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What We Do To Help

Wyoming Wildlife Federation has a number of specific Programs that address this issue directly. Click on a Program in the list below to explore it in depth.

Camo At The CapitolPrograms
June 18, 2018

Camo At The Capitol

Bringing hunters and anglers together and building an effective and informed advocacy voice is the mission for the Camo at the Capitol program.
ProgramsSummit To Sage
May 4, 2018

Summit To Sage

We create programs to address issues surrounding wildlife, their habitat, and the human elements tied to them. From the summits to the sage, we work everyday to bring real conservation solutions to the table.

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