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Sage Grouse and States Rights

In Wyoming we are known for our independent nature, we take pride in our work and know where to draw the line. So, in 2007 when the State of Wyoming charged a group of people from independent backgrounds to come together and solve a complex problem, they rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

A popular game bird, changes to protections could mean hunting closures for sage grouse

The West’s iconic bird, the Greater sage-grouse, was losing ground literally and figuratively to human expansion and development. A solution was needed to conserve the species from going extinct and after much deliberation the core area strategy was developed. Wyoming’s Core Population Areas encompass approximately 83% of the Greater sage-grouse population, on approximately 24% of the surface area of the State of Wyoming. Learn More

Wyomingites came together for a common purpose and created a lasting, effective management plan for the chicken-sized bird. In 2015, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service decided the bird was not warranted for the endangered species list and Wyoming along with surrounding western states were able to move forward and get back to contributing to the economy in a way that wouldn’t impact the Greater sage-grouse.

Millions of acres of sagebrush habitat are home to mule deer, pronghorn, elk, and sage grouse

All of that hard work and tough deliberation is now in the crosshairs as the feds have decided to uproot these management plans and open them up for changes. The old saying, “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”, really applies to this, but Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke believes changes are needed. The Federation disagrees. The Wyoming Greater sage-grouse management plan needs to be maintained, it is good the way it is and we stand behind our collective work. Please join us and write the feds to keep the management plans as they are.

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