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Science Friday: Breeding Bird Surveys

By: Reg Rothwell Breeding Bird Surveys (BBS) are the source of some of the most important, comprehensive, long-term data on avian populations in North America.   Initiated in 1966, there are more than 4500 established routes in the US and Canada.  Approximately 70% of these routes are routinely run each year. In Wyoming there are […]

A Legacy of Mule Deer Conservation in Wyoming

By: Wyoming Wildlife Executive Director, Dwayne Meadows Wyoming is home to extraordinary wildlife and intact ecosystems. These habitats and wildlife herds are unprecedented, including a wildlife migration that reaches nearly 250 miles. When speaking of the natural resources of Wyoming, our wildlife and intact habitat account for one of the largest economic drivers in the […]

Living Wyoming Wild: John Laughlin

Something Worth Protecting by John Laughlin   “We have a unique slice of heaven here and the ability to keep it special and awe-inspiring for generations to come.” I still remember the first time driving into Wyoming as an adult. It was January 28, 1994, the day before my sister Caroline’s 30th birthday. I must […]