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Living Wyoming Wild: Grilled Sesame Venison Cutlets

Grilled Sesame Venison Cutlets 1/2 c. Soy sauce 1/2 c. Vegie oil 1/4 c. Water 2 T. Miniced onion 1/8 t ground red pepper 2 T. Sesame seeds 1 T. Sugar 3/4 t salt 1/2 t minced garlic 8 4-6 oz venison fillets (1/2 inch thick) 8 bacon slices Combine first 9 ingredients in a shallow […]

Removing Fence for Wildlife

Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Project Shoshone National Forest, Sheridan Creek For the past seven years Wyoming Wildlife Federation and the Red Canyon Chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation have worked to remove old, obsolete fences from wildlife habitat. Elk, mule deer, moose, antelope, and other roaming and migrating animals benefit from no longer having gnarly, […]

Park County Related Hunting and Fishing Spending, 2015

WWF has commissioned a UW economic study for Park County which shows $23.4 million was generated in 2015 as a result of hunters and anglers participating in their outdoor activities on public and private lands in the county.