The History of Wyoming Range Mule Deer

Cal Wyoming Mule Deer A Ellis

Cover photo of Cal, a legendary Wyoming Range mule deer from the early 90’s. Photo taken by A. Ellis and provided by the Winter Range Foundation. I was just a small kid when my father took his first wildlife biologist job with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department in Kemmerer, WY – the year was 1989. He was the biologist…

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How Do I Manage My Land to Help Mule Deer?


If you have the luck to own a little piece of Wyoming’s vast rangelands, you might be wondering how to support local wildlife on your property, particularly the antler bearing type. When managing for mule deer, it is good to first check-in with Wyoming Game and Fish Department habitat maps or your local biologist to determine what kind of habitat…

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The State of Wyoming’s Wild Sheep with Steve Kilpatrick

Steve Kilpatrick letting a captured and collared sheep go near Dubios

Steve Kilpatrick was a habitat biologist for over 30 years before becoming executive director of the Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation. His experience with wild sheep, understanding Wyoming’s ecosystem, and the issues that plague wildlife and wild places in Wyoming make him incredibly valuable to conservation. That’s why WWF jumped at the opportunity to sit down with Steve and get the…

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