What You Can Do For Winterkilled Wildlife: Operation Rebound

Operation Rebound Web Header

Whether sitting in your favorite coffee shop or scrolling your social media feed, you probably have seen the headlines about the wildlife that got caught in the crosshairs of one of the worst Wyoming winters in recorded history. This comes as no surprise, of course, as you probably had to shovel yourself out of your house, pull a neighbor out…

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Join the Conservation Effort: Volunteer at the Grizzly WHMA Fence Project Day!

Sage Brush Chaining Baggs Area

Want to make a difference for wildlife in an area hit hard by the harshness of last winter? Join us on June 24th for a fence modification project in the Grizzly Wildlife Habitat Management Area between Rawlins and Baggs! Since this area is so remote, attendees are invited to arrive and camp at the Grizzly WHMA Game & Fish cabins…

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