Wide, Quiet, & Mysterious | Learning To Hunt Elk in the Red Desert

White Mountain Petroglyphs

What is it like learning to hunt elk in the wide, quiet, and mysterious Red Desert? Find out from hunter, Katherine Plunkett’s 2022 experience she shared with the Wyoming Wildlife Federation. What was it like learning to big game hunt this year? It has been exciting, eye-opening, and very special to get into big game hunting this year. Having no…

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Our Lands, Our Wildlife, Our Waters | Southwest Wyoming’s Best

South Rock Springs Area

I am a Wyoming woman. I was born and raised in southwest Wyoming where I have had the privilege of hunting, fishing, and recreating with my dad in some of the most beautiful, rugged, and open landscapes in the state. These special areas include the Greater Little Mountain Area, Red Desert, Big Sandy, and the ever-moving sand dunes. These lands…

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New Beaver Dams Help Parched Landscape

Beaver Dam Analog Building Wide View

Last weekend, the parched pasturelands near Little Mountain got a bit of help from nature‚Äôs original flood irrigators: beaver dams. These beaver dams were not built with teeth and tails, however. Over 70 different volunteers, agencies, nonprofit workers, businesses, and others all gathered on the Ramsay Ranch, where big head-cut banks line Trout Creek, to build these man-made beaver dams…

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