New Beaver Dams Help Parched Landscape

Beaver Dam Analog Building Wide View

Last weekend, the parched pasturelands near Little Mountain got a bit of help from nature’s original flood irrigators: beaver dams. These beaver dams were not built with teeth and tails, however. Over 70 different volunteers, agencies, nonprofit workers, businesses, and others all gathered on the Ramsay Ranch, where big head-cut banks line Trout Creek, to build these man-made beaver dams…

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A Quarter of Wyoming Needs A Land Manager

Red Desert Speed Goats

Nearly one-quarter of Wyoming is under Bureau of Land Management (BLM) oversight – many of us recreate, hunt, fish, and camp on these public lands. Here, the Federation’s Executive Director, Dwayne Meadows lends his take on the Senate confirming Tracy Stone-Manning as the director of the BLM. Cover photo: Antelope bucks on Bureau Of Land Management land near Farson. For…

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