How Do Landowners Benefit from the Red Desert To Hoback Corridor?


A Legacy of Conservation Benefiting Wildlife, Landowners, and Wyoming alike Wyoming is home to some of the most iconic, intact ungulate migrations in the world and also leads in recognizing these pathways through migration corridor designation. Landowners and Wyoming communities benefit from programs that protect migration routes crossing both private and public land. No one landowner or agency can work…

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Why You Should Get Your Deer Checked for CWD

CWD Test Sample Dark

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) was first detected during the 1960’s in a captive deer research facility in Colorado. Although that’s not yet the worst thing that Wyoming has inherited from Colorado (#vanlife) it is becoming an increasing concern for wildlife managers and hunters. In summary, CWD is incurable, causes degradative neurological effects and weight loss, and has never been eradicated…

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