Highway 28 Fence Improvement Project

Fencing Project Header Image

Our favorite recreational opportunities wouldn’t be the same without intact habitats and unhindered migration routes. As a result, the Wyoming Wildlife Federation is excited to continue expanding habitat enhancement projects throughout the summer of 2020. With the help of a suite of partners and agencies, the Federation has planned the biggest year for habitat projects in a very long while….

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Nearly A Half Million Dollars Allocated to Wyoming’s Wildlife

A Wyoming Landscape

On May 6, 2020 the Wyoming Governor’s Big Game License Coalition convened to allocate more than $475,000 to benefit Wyoming’s wildlife and their habitats. Established in January of 2003 under the direction of Governor Dave Freudenthal, the Coalition was assembled to further conservation efforts in Wyoming through the auction or raffle of complimentary Governor’s big-game licenses. The Coalition has since…

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