Science Friday: Boreal Toad Project Summary

Summary of Boreal Toad Project for Jesperson Award 2018   Emerging infectious diseases pose a significant threat to global biodiversity. Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis¬†(commonly known as the amphibian chytrid fungus), an emerging fungal pathogen primarily affecting amphibians, is of particular concern because it has caused severe population declines and several extinctions in amphibian populations worldwide. Our current research investigates how the chytrid…

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Science Friday: Breeding Bird Surveys

By: Reg Rothwell Breeding Bird Surveys (BBS) are the source of some of the most important, comprehensive, long-term data on avian populations in North America. Initiated in 1966, there are more than 4500 established routes in the US and Canada. ¬†Approximately 70% of these routes are routinely run each year. In Wyoming there are 80 assigned BBS routes and another…

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