Mr. President, The Sage Grouse Needs Your Help!

roosevelt on horse laramie wyoming

107 years ago, a well-known American zoologist, conservationist, taxidermist, and author lobbied national leaders to help the sage grouse. On June 6, 1805, near the Marias River in Montana, the world was introduced to a “Fowl of the Pheasant Kind” as large as a turkey. Its coloration a mixture of dark mottled brown, with small black specks with a long,…

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Tales from Summit to Sage: Sam Stein

Sam Stein Bird Hunting

There I Was…  It was September 16th and my first-day sage grouse hunting. I was off of work for three days and all I had was a bird-loving dog and a willingness to suffer. At the risk of sounding totally incompetent, I do have to admit: I wasn’t really sure what a sage grouse looked like, and second; I didn’t…

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