Wyoming’s Famous Grouse, Its Neglected Cousin, and a Threat to Both


| By Guest Contributor, Tom Christiansen Unless you’re just waking from a 20-year coma, you already know sage-grouse are a pretty big deal in the Cowboy State. Meanwhile, sharp-tailed grouse receive comparatively little attention even though their numbers too seem to be declining, especially in southeast Wyoming. It’s reasonable to ask why and what is being done to conserve this…

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Mr. President, The Sage Grouse Needs Your Help!

roosevelt on horse laramie wyoming

107 years ago, a well-known American zoologist, conservationist, taxidermist, and author lobbied national leaders to help the sage grouse. On June 6, 1805, near the Marias River in Montana, the world was introduced to a “Fowl of the Pheasant Kind” as large as a turkey. Its coloration a mixture of dark mottled brown, with small black specks with a long,…

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