Mr. President, The Sage Grouse Needs Your Help!

roosevelt on horse laramie wyoming

107 years ago, a well-known American zoologist, conservationist, taxidermist, and author lobbied national leaders to help the sage grouse. On June 6, 1805, near the Marias River in Montana, the world was introduced to a “Fowl of the Pheasant Kind” as large as a turkey. Its coloration a mixture of dark mottled brown, with small black specks with a long,…

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Conservation Policy with Joy Bannon

Cheatgrass Invasive plants are a hindrance to wildlife and livestock alike. Cheatgrass is an invasive plant that has caused many biologists and grazers to scratch their heads as to how to deal with its prolific nature. At the recent Western Governors’ Association Working Lands Roundtable in Cheyenne this month, I sat in on a presentation by Dr. Barry Perryman, a…

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