10 High Priority Areas for Wildlife Crossings


Originally identified by the Wyoming Wildlife and Roadways Initiative Implementation Team (WWRIIT), there are 240 sites that are both important and may require more involved and costly solutions, like tall fencing to use existing underpass structures, and overpass structures like the ones at Dry Piney. Using the best available data and expert knowledge, the Team identified a smaller group of…

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Wyomingites Raise $300K For Wildlife With License Plates

Photos of the Wyoming Conservation Plate Owners

A year ago Governor Gordon challenged Wyoming citizens to purchase 2,020 wildlife conservation license plates. Wyomingites responded, raising over $300,000 for signage, fences, underpasses and overpasses that help wildlife cross Wyoming roadways safely. Three years ago, during the legislative session of 2018, the Wyoming Wildlife Federation worked with NGO partners and legislators to pass the Wyoming Conservation plates to raise…

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