Founded in 1937, the Wyoming Wildlife Federation was initially tasked with educating the public on the need for game laws and to help the relatively young Wyoming Game and Fish Department become a larger, independent agency. In the decades since, WWF has been instrumental in furthering public education, shaping management policies, and developing programs that address conservation issues. Today, we pride ourselves on being the oldest and largest hunting and angling conservation organization in the state, with a growing voice directed towards cultivating positive, lasting outcomes for wildlife, wildlands, and our outdoor heritage.

Submission Guidelines

If you would like to be included in WWF Latest News and reach a conservation-minded hunting and angling audience on social media, please consider submitting an article and photography following these guidelines:

  1. Submit Great Content: Hunting stories, how-to, why something is, history of conservation, and other conservation-specific topics Wyoming should know about. Reference Latest News to get an idea of what WWF publishes.
  2. DON’T SEND YOUR ENTIRE ARTICLE. Please send article queries only. These queries are simply three paragraphs via email describing these things; what the article is, why would a WWF member wants to read it, and how it contributes to the Wyoming Wildlife Federation mission. Our mission is conserving Wyoming’s wildlife, habitat, and outdoor opportunities.
  3. Photos: Each article needs 3-10 or more high-quality support photos with captions (if applicable). Please send them in a Google Drive, Dropbox, or other online folder – not directly via email. An article will be much more likely to be published if you provide high-quality imagery with the submission.
  4. Send the applicable information to Communications Director, Jaden Bales at

Press Requests

Jaden Bales
(541) 910-1482