How Do Landowners Benefit from the Red Desert To Hoback Corridor?


A Legacy of Conservation Benefiting Wildlife, Landowners, and Wyoming alike Wyoming is home to some of the most iconic, intact ungulate migrations in the world and also leads in recognizing these pathways through migration corridor designation. Landowners and Wyoming communities benefit from programs that protect migration routes crossing both private and public land. No one landowner or agency can work…

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What’s Special About the Baggs Migration Corridor?

Pat Running Baggs Winter Range

┬áThe Baggs Mule Deer Migration Corridor Working Group finalized recommendations that will be sent to Governor Mark Gordon and all relevant agencies. The Baggs migration corridor will remain designated, the boundaries remain intact, and various conservation opportunities were recommended to ensure a lasting and permeable corridor. In attendance at all meetings, WWF staff are excited for the future of this…

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