How is the Game and Fish Funded?


If you enjoy hunting game in Wyoming, you probably are aware the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) sets regulations, charges fees for licenses, and much more. They are the primary managers of all wildlife in Wyoming, directed to do so by the Commission. Each state’s wildlife managers do things a little differently, but in order to hunt in Wyoming,…

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About “Surfing The Green Wave”


The Green Wave is a term used by researchers that has helped describe migrating mule deer movements as they follow the highest quality forage up the mountain in the Spring. “Whether they migrate 10 miles or 100 miles, animals make these incremental steps that coincide with green up as it moves across the landscape, largely elevational-based, as they move towards…

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The State of Wyoming’s Wild Sheep with Steve Kilpatrick

Steve Kilpatrick letting a captured and collared sheep go near Dubios

Steve Kilpatrick was a habitat biologist for over 30 years before becoming executive director of the Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation. His experience with wild sheep, understanding Wyoming’s ecosystem, and the issues that plague wildlife and wild places in Wyoming make him incredibly valuable to conservation. That’s why WWF jumped at the opportunity to sit down with Steve and get the…

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