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Science Friday: How are Wyoming’s Moose Doing?

How are moose doing?  The short answer is, not very well.  Why?  That requires a long answer. Moose appear to be a relative recent resident of Wyoming.  Records of observations are lacking from the explorers and early travelers of the West.  Moose are absent from Native American folklore and art in Wyoming, and moose appear […]

Wyoming Public Lands Day

Celebrating our Public Lands Proposed Wyoming Public Lands Day Legislation OVERVIEW The draft legislation proposes a Wyoming Public Lands Day established on the last Saturday in September. It requires the Governor to issue an annual proclamation encouraging the observance of this day. The proclamation is flexible and can highlight the importance of public lands […]

Meadows: Allowing companies to capitalize on wildlife to make up for development is not a Wyoming value

First published in the Casper Star Tribune The current mess we are in with greater sage grouse is just history repeating itself. We have been here before, and we have made these mistakes — mistakes that have cost sportsmen and sportswomen of this country billions to try to repair the damage. Damage that could have […]