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Keep it Public Wyoming

“Whether historical or ecological, political or personal, the connective tissue that holds together or tears apart our public lands begins with “We the People”.”- Terry Tempest Williams   Last Saturday over 130 people showed up in Laramie to voice their support for a bill to create an official Wyoming Public Lands Day in the state. […]

Meadows: Allowing companies to capitalize on wildlife to make up for development is not a Wyoming value

First published in the Casper Star Tribune The current mess we are in with greater sage grouse is just history repeating itself. We have been here before, and we have made these mistakes — mistakes that have cost sportsmen and sportswomen of this country billions to try to repair the damage. Damage that could have […]

Our Comments to WGF on Captive Rearing of Sage Grouse

Last year the Wyoming State Legislature voted to approve House Bill 271.  This bill required the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGF) to write rules to allow for captive farming of Greater sage grouse. You can read the bill in its entirety here. You can learn more about the sponsors of the bill here. Since […]